Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Stance GR+Plus Coilovers IN STOCK!

So Fedex came by and dropped out our first batch of STANCE GR+Plus Coilovers for the Genesis Coupe!

These are hands down the best coilovers you can get in this price range!

We're getting a set of GR-3ways for our shop Genesis Coupe, and we're already running a set on our Unlimited Class Time Attack 240SX. One word summarizes these coilovers, awesome.

GR+ is Stance's main flagship line of coilovers. Oversize diameter shocks allow large pistons for ultimate performance and response. 15-way adjustable damping allows the driver to tune the shocks for any conditions and handling characteristics. With huge range of adjustment that can be felt and seen, GR+ offers serious performance for all levels of drivers. GR+ coilovers are built with highest quality materials and tolerances to ensure durability and performance.

• 15-Way Damping Adjustable
• Upper Pillowball Bearing Adjustable Camber Uppermount
• Upper Pillowball Bearing Pillowball Uppermount
• Spring Cold Wound Linear Spring
• Monotube Inverted Monotube Shocks
• Dustboot Dustboot
• Collar Aluminum Collars & Upper Mounts
• Bracket Height Adjustable Lower Bracket

Features Exclusive to the Genesis Coupe:
• Isolators on the rear springs to reduce noise
• Special bearing spring seat on front shocks to eliminate noise on turning.
• Rear shocks adjustable from the outside

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