Tuesday, April 21, 2009

GenRacer Installs a Greddy Informeter Touch!

So, here at GenRacer HQ, we decided to check out the brand new Greddy Informeter TOUCH on our Genesis Coupe 2.0. This 'lil gadget is even cooler then we expected!

The software matches up perfectly to the Genesis (2.0 and the V6 according to Greddy), and you'll know every detail you ever wanted to know about the happenings of your car underneath the hood.

Now only can it display a plethora of different readouts on its screen (tach, speed, ignition timing, throttle, coolant temp, estimated power, estimated fuel economy, etc.), but can read boost as well on the Genesis Coupe without the extra sensor from Greddy!

Check this link for our full installation directions!

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