Thursday, October 15, 2009

We Dynoed the MXP on the 2.0T!

Wow, that's the response we got from many people when we dynoed this MXP Catback and turbo back setup on the Hyundai Genesis 2.0T. We travelled up to DENT SPORT GARAGE in Boston Mass to use their dynodymanics dyno to see the results of the MXP. We first did a base line run to see what the factory 2.0T motor puts out from the showroom. We did 3 runs back to back and got consecutive results. After letting the exhaust cool for a bit, we installed the MXP CATBACK EXHAUST and strapped this bad boy back on the dyno for a couple pulls. We did a total of 5 pulls with the catback installed and noticed a drastic increase of torque and horsepower curve.

We then proceeded to finish of the install with the MXP o2 Housing, MXP DOWNPIPE, and the MXP Test Pipe. Again, we saw instant gains on these 3 parts. After doing 3 pulls on this turbo back setup, we saw boost come on a lot sooner, increase in torque sooner, and more linear gain in Horsepower Top End. Overall, I am very happy with this exhaust system. Definitely a very good investment for our Genesis. The sound is a lot throatier when in boost and you can actually feel the difference in power when driving.

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