Wednesday, January 16, 2013

★GenRacer Builds World Challenge Touring Car for 2013★

We have been holding back from posting this build until we knew everything was in place and it was a go! For 2013 we will be campaigning a Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0T for SCCA Pro World Challenge Pirelli World Challenge
Since we have been in business, we have raced professionally with Formula D, to Redline Time Attack, and most recently to NASA Pro Racing. This will be the largest challenge for us and a great goal for us to overcome.

The build will conform to the Touring Car class specifications as well as showcase our fabrication and parts we sell. We have been working with numerous manufactures and their products to get them on our car and allowed for competition. Since this is the first Hyundai Genesis to race in SCCA WC, we needed to get the car homologated for this series. WC has multiple race events across the country that interests us greatly. Two of the events are important to us since WC will be the supporting race for Australian V8 Supercar and American LeMans.

The car will also be used for NASA Performance Touring class in the Northeast. Most of our testing will be done with NASA NE NASA NorthEast Region - Safe, Affordable Way to get on the Race Track.
Additionally, all the parts that will be used on this car can be purchased from us and are the same parts we trust and will test on our car. We invite friends and customers to come out to our events and test session to help support us. We also have intentions of installing a removable passenger seat for possible "ride alongs" for our supporting fans.

This thread will showcase our build and our steps in the process to getting out on the track. So please follow us in this thread as it will be very active in the coming future :)

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